About us

With more than 30 years in the Art business, our Gallery became a staple of the Art Market in Geneva and Switzerland.

With our expertise we can help you find the perfect artwork. Whether you wish to expand your collection or gift something unique, we have what you need!

Our collection is ever changing and expanding. We encourage that you come visit us or give us a call! We would be delighted to help you find what you need



Our platform gives you the great possibility to find exquisite, remarkable and outstanding artworks which acquired a strong and unique reputation in the artwork.

The main art gallery is located in Geneva, Switzerland and is directed by Mr. Gregory Guiter, an expert in the field of fine modern contemporary art from the early twentieth century. The gallery itself is over 10 years old and acquired has a renowned reputation throughout Switzerland.

We offer a great collection of paintings, sculptures and photos from high-quality artists including André Lanskoy, Catherine Zoubchenko, Daniel Orson Ybarra, Eran Shakine,Vincent Lemaitre, Maxim Kantor, Michel Bassompiere, Michel Comte, Nancy Vuylsteke de Laps and many others.

We are proud of our artists and their artworks as each is unique and original, we do our best to provide our customers with the best possible quality of service. Our services include authentic artwork certificates provided by the artists themselves.



4-6, Grand rue, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

T.: +41 79 672 15 20

F: + 41 78 336 79 89


Opening hours

Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 6pm


Saint-Antoine (10, boulevard Emile Jacques-Dalcroze) Uni-Dufour (rue du General Dufour)